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About the TG Web Archive

TG Web Archive was originally created as T4T Erotica Archive, but the scope expanded and site restructured. The current goal is to make content from the early trans web more accessible to more people by aggregating multiple sites' and years' worth of web content into a single, more navigable site. While all the pages hosted on TGWA are available through, it requires even knowing where to look, as well as many broken links and slow pages. Links to the pages are provided for those who wish to view the old site layouts or explore the sites themselves.

About the Site Operator

I am a 23 year old transfem faggot from the midwest. I perform in drag on occassion and involve myself in far too many creative endeavors. This is my first time touching any amount of programming for a decade, which may lead to some jank on the site code. If you want to keep up with my other work, submit your art for the contemporary section, report any bugs on the site, or provide me with leads on old sites, you can find me on instagram at the.janet.hoar or email me at

Support TGWA

If you like this site and want to support it, you can help by sharing it with others, posting about it on social media, submitting your creative works for the contemporary section, or letting me know about any derelict trans sites you know of. This site does take my time and energy and if you would like to make a financial contribution, I would ask that you instead donate directly to a trans person in need, or support, as without, this site does not exist. If you do choose to financially contribute to either of those things or would like to pay for the site's domain/premium Neocities membership, please reach out either on Instagram or email and you will be added to the "Special Thanks" section below.

Special Thanks!

Coding help and friendship