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The Bluffs

By Kyrstal

She stood atop the bluff, the wind blowing through her long skirt, ruffling her silk blouse. The sun kept her warm though as it cast golden highlights in her long flowing hair. Her eyes gazed out at the surf below and the cry of gulls she could hear in the distance. It was quiet here, very isolated. She came here often for the solitude and peace. As she stood there she held her arms crossed in front, sheltering her bosom from the chilling touch of the wind. She had been there a long time, lost in thought, contemplating so many things in her life. She still had no answers, only more questions.

He approached her from behind. Though he was silent, she sensed his presence a moment before he touched her. His hand gently stroked her hair, resting on the nape of her neck. As his arms enfolded her, she relaxed into his strong warm embrace. The sun was nearly set now, just a dying ember, casting its final glow before sinking into the sea. It's light casting red, orange and gold sparkles across the violet tapestry of the ocean.

With a sigh, she turned within his embrace and looked into his warm loving eyes. He tightened his grip ever so slightly and lowered his mouth to hers. Their kiss was poignant, filled with a deep love and tenderness. It was not a kiss filled with blazing fires and roaring passion, but went deeper, promising much more, promising something more enduring than just a quick fire easily burned out. It was the promise of that which went right to her core and ignited the volcano of her desires.

Swiftly he bent and swept her up, and turning he proceeded to carry her back to the house. She rested her head against his chest and stroked his face. Now she had no more questions, just an increasing hunger a desire, which was threatening to consume her.

He entered the house, finding his way with ease in the deepening gloom of the fast approaching night. Laying her down he kissed her again briefly and tenderly undressed her. She lay there, her breasts rising and falling as her breathing quickened. She could barely make him out, as he shed his clothing. Only the faintest touch of light glancing off the contours of his body. She felt the bed settle with his weight as he lay beside her and the heat radiating off of his body felt like a miniature sun.

His hand stroked the length of her smooth soft skin, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. She reached out and found his chest, letting her hands find their way through the thick hair covering it. They wound themselves round his neck and she pulled his face to hers as her need blossomed fully and overwhelmed her reserve. Now their kiss was one of fire, a seething eruption of passion. They explored each other with lips and tongues, hands and fingers, surrendering to what they both knew was inevitable. Soon they were locked in a struggle, a dance of life as old as mankind itself. Their love grew, becoming all encompassing, expanding to fill their universe.

An infinity later, spent, laying in each others arms, they were aglow. Their fire was not extinguished, but lay banked, to be stoked to new heights and to blaze again and again over the years. It was then that the first words she had heard in days were spoken. "I love you." Then she drifted off to a deep sleep, a smile of happiness lighting her face.

The End