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Just Friends

One of Michelle's Fantasies

by Michelle <redacted>

I've always thought it would be exhilarating to be with another woman who did not know the truth about me. I would like to meet a nice girl as a girl and become close friends over a period of time. However, one day we'd go shopping together and get home a little late. She would invite me in for a glass of wine and we'd share the days experience with each other.

Sitting next to the fireplace on the floor with our packages on the sofa I would look at her and smile. She knows what I was thinking and gets up and moves away to refresh her glass of wine. She sits back down and we begin chatting as we finish the bottle of wine. It gets warm so I slip out of my blouse and kick off my shoes. She follows my lead. Next I move over close to her and begin speaking more softly so that she has to lean over to hear.

At the right time during our conversation I place my hand on her thigh casually as I'm talking to her. She doesn't seem to mind. After a few more minutes of talking I pause look at her and tell her... "I think you're so beautiful, I wish I could look as good"...she smiles and blushes a little and before she knows what I'm about to do I kiss her quickly on the cheek. Again, before she has a chance to speak I say "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that." She smiles, and says..."It's okay, I feel the same about you". Next I move over and kiss her softly on the lips pressing my breasts against hers and she responds similarly.

We kiss for a while and retire to the bedroom where we enjoy being the girls that we are and wake up the next morning in each others arms.

The End