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Interviews With The Glamour Girls

by Barbara <redacted>

Barbara: Welcome Elizabeth

Elizabeth: Thank you very much for letting be on. You may call me Betty

Barbara: Elizabeth how long have been you dressing? Do you remember your first time out?

Elizabeth: I've been "dressing" in one way or another since I was 5 or 6. However, I never got full dressed until August 1st 1997. I went to a local support that I had attended previously in boy-mode. It was a wonderful experience and somewhat overwhelming. But all of the girls at the group where very reassuring.

Barbara: From your lovely photos you must spend a lot of time preparing? How long does it usually take you to get ready? Do you have any beauty secrets that you would like to share? Your photo is stunning tell us a little bit about it.

Elizabeth: Thanks you very much. I usually budget 2 hours to get ready, somewhat more if I am going to put on nails. I think the beauty secret that helps me the most is to take ones time. Even as I get more proficient at some aspects of makeup or what ever the time budgeted is staying the same. I use the extra time to work on something else that I feel needs to be improved. I don't like to experiment when I'm going out. I usually do that when I have some free time. The photo was taken after a MakeOver at Studio Lites, here in Denver. The whole affairs was just too much fun! It is wonderful being the center of attention for a couple of hours *grin*

Barbara: We all get a little nervous when we walk out the door. How do you handle it?

Elizabeth: After dressing my mind is running so fast, thinking about everything that I could have forgotten that the walk over the threshold is just one more step. I do stand at the door just before opening it and take a few deep breaths, remember who I am and how little it matter if I happen to meet a neighbor.

Barbara: Do you have an outing that stands out? I know we all have a little Queen in all of us I will be the first to admit it. How about you?

Elizabeth: I really enjoy going to places, clubs, restaurants or whatever that may not be stictly defined as TG-Friendly although never a negative reaction. This one evening 4 or 5 girls, myself included, go to this club. After being the place a couple minutes we are surrounded by a number of GG who are very interested in us. We just do girl-talk about fashion and how us girls may be somewhat overdressed for the club. We explain to them that we don't get out as much as they do so we always try to go a little over the top. We were treated with great respect and had a wonderful evening.

Barbara: For the new sisters out there is there any advice you can give them?

Elizabeth: What I would suggest is to have fun! This is our free time and we should enjoy what we do with it. Getting ready should be fun, from the moment we step into the bath to the minute we step across threshold into that brave new world, it is really more fun that aggrivation. Once out we should try new things as the oppurtunity arises, but remember to take care of ourselves and the sisters we are with. Once we return home savor the time out because that will carry us through until the next time we're out.

Barbara: Do you know of any events that are coming up in your area? Have you been out in your feminine attire lately?

Elizabeth: Denver has a very lively scene. There is always something going on at one of the TG clubs. And if that isn't your cup of tea, strike out for a new experience. A new experience may be something as simple as grocery shopping en femme or as glamorous as going to the symphony in a beaded gown. The latter is at the top of my list.

Barbara: Is there anything that you would like to add?

Elizabeth: I would like thank Glamour Girls for this most enjoyable time. I would also like to say to all of the girls out there, have fun but try to keep perspective in your life.

Barbara: Thanks for being my guest

Barbara <redacted> is a reporter for the Glamour Girls. If you are a member and would like to setup an interview contact her.