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Interviews With The Glamour Girls

by Barbara <redacted>

Barbara: Welcome Rene!

Rene: Thank's Barbara, happy to be here..

Barbara: Well young lady how are things in your part of the world? In there any one country that you found to be the most TG friendly? I noticed that in the UK stockings seem to be more popular than pantyhose, have you found that to be true?

Rene: Things are just fine here Barbara, I am having the time of my life, getting out more and more... I have not travelled enough to be able to judge TG friendly countries, but I must say Australia is quite accepting, it is safe to go out in the gay districts of Sydney. Our laws are also more TG/TS accepting than in the US.for example.

Stockings! My favouritie subject..*smiles* I think pantihose are more popular here in Australia, though I favour stockings.

Barbara: Rene, how long have been you dressing? Do you remember your first time out? What attracted you to the Glamour Girls?

Rene: I'vee been actively dressing since I was 12yrs old, but have always felt the desire to dress..I bought my first dress on my 13th birthday. Who can forget their first time out? I was about 16, my parents were away for the weekend and I had the house all to myself. I did my makeup, (badly I might add..*g*...) dressed myself and went for a walk around the block, I wanted to do it again, but my feet were aching! My first time out in public was in the same year, I went to see Endless Love at the Cinema..Now that was a lot of fun!!

When I heard that Michelle was starting the Glamour Girls, I just had to be involved, I knew her HP well, and knew that it would be tasteful and professional, not to mention popular!

Barbara: Do you have any beauty secrets that you would like to share?

Rene: Look after your skin, the sun is your skins worst enemy!! I use toners, and moisturiser, day and night creams, and do In'teep in make-up, it clogs your pores..

Barbara: You seem so conservative, is there any Queen in you?

Conservative? Moi?*smiles* Perhaps I am more of a Princess than a Queen..I don't really camp it up when I am out with my girlfriends, I try to be as more like a woman..

Barbara: We all get a little nervous when we walk out the door. How do you handle it?

Rene: I do still feel some nerves, but it is a part of my life now, my family knows, my sister even goes out with me sometimes! I guess it's second nature to be Rene, sometimes I get so involved that I forget! I try to avoid being seen by my neighbours, though the two gay guys next door know about me. *giggles*

Barbara: Do you have an outing that stands out better then the rest?

Rene: Oh there are so many to choose from, but I would have to say the night that my sister gave me a coming out party, it was a wonderful night, a few of my T friends came, Siobhan and Erica, and we had a wonderful time! We even went to the Sheraton for drinks afterwards, it was an evening I will never forget!

Barbara: For the new sisters out there is there any advice you can give them?

Rene: Don't lock your feminine side away, it is nothing to be ashamed of!

Barbara :Do you know of any events that are coming up in your area? Do you plan on traveling to any events?

Rene: There is the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras in the new year, my girlfriend Belinda and I are hoping to be on the Tranny Pride float!!

Barbara: Is there anything that you would like to add?

Rene: I would like to say thanks to Michelle, and yourself for your efforts in setting up Glamour Girls.

Barbara: Thanks for being my guest.