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by Barbara <redacted>

Barbara: Welcome Samantha

Samantha: Nice to be here.

Barbara: Samantha, how long have been you dressing? Do you remember your first time out?

Samantha: For as long as I could remember Barbara. I have memories of walking around in moms heels at a very early age. I was dressing completely by the age of 13! I was also "caught" by my best friend at the time, which probably changed my life for the better! The first time I went out was when I was 18. I drove into town and back, I was scared to death!

Barbara: From your lovely photos you must spend a lot of time preparing? How long does it usually take you to get ready? Do you have any beauty secrets that you would like to share? Your photo is stunning tell us a little bit about it.

Samantha: It depends, if I'm going out on the town "dressed to the nines", I make an event of getting ready, and it may take 4 hours or more, and a few glasses of wine. A nice bubble bath will help relax you too. If I'm just going to the store or something it could take as little as 1/2 an hour. On beauty tips I can't emphasize enough about using moisturizers, and in particular, use a high quality eye cream. If you have long nails wear thigh highs. That way you will run one leg at a time, and they are easier to put on. If you are doing pictures then you need more make- up, if you are going out don't over do the make- up.

Barbara: We all get a little nervous when we walk out the door. How do you handle it?

Samantha: As I said before I make an event of getting dressed for a night out, and having a few glasses of wine helps immensely. Act and present yourself as a women! If your voice is not feminine don't talk. All it takes is practice.

Barbara: Do you have an outing that stands out? I know we all have a little Queen in all of us I will be the first to admit it. How about you?

Samantha: Not really one that stands out that I feel like telling about here. But the one I want to forget is being pulled over for grossly exceeding the speed limit by a state trooper in a very conservative area. When I gave him my drivers license he was suprised and I think "shocked" to the extent he told me to slow down and said to have a nice day. Needless to say I don't speed anytime when enfemme now. I certainly have a lot of Queen. My biggest disappointment is living in an age that requires me to "down dress" for the most part. Today's woman dresses far too casual, so it takes a very special occasion to get dressed to the "nines"! What ever happened to femininity in our society?

Barbara: For the new sisters out there is there any advice you can give them?

Samantha: Be proud of who and what you are! You have a gift that not everyone has! Enjoy that gift! Go out that door with a smile on your face, a little wine doesn't hurt either.

Barbara: Do you know of any events that are coming up in your area? Have you been out in your feminine attire lately?

Samantha: The county fair, rodeo and annual spuds days. As you can see not much in my area! I do plan on going to the "Texas T" and an event in Denver.

Barbara: Is there anything that you would like to add?

Samantha: Come to Idaho Ladies, we need the beauty. Bring money wont hurt either, there I got my chamber of commerce work done. HUGGS.

Barbara <redacted> is a reporter for the Glamour Girls. If you are a member and would like to setup an interview contact her.