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Interviews With The Glamour Girls

by Barbara <redacted>

Barbara: Welcome Jennifer!

Jennifer: It is great to be here Barbara.

Barbara: Well young ladyI hear you have some TG adventures that you would like to share with us.

Jennifer: Well, I have a few not too sordid ones.

Barbara: Jennifer, how long have been you dressing?

Jennifer: I've been dressing since I was a young child. I cannot remember a time when it was not a part of my life.

Barbara: Do you remember your first time out?

Jennifer: Yes, the first time was in October of 1987. I bought a dress for my fraternity halloween party. I decided to put it on one night and go show my girlfriend. It was fun, but I quickly learned that heels and soft ground do not mix.

Barbara: What attracted you to the Glamour Girls?

Jennifer: I knew a few of the early members.

Barbara:: How long does it usually take you to get ready?

Jennifer: It is pretty embarrassing that it still takes about 2 hours to do everything. My best friend calls my slowness "running on Jennifer time."

Barbara: Do you have any beauty secrets that you would like to share?

Jennifer: Start electrolysis immediately and grow your hair out.

Barbara: You seem so conservative, is there any Queen in you?

Jennifer: No Queen, but a friend calls me the Ice Princess for my award winning warm and cuddly personality. The Ice Princess only surfaces on occasion and it isn't a monthly thing.

Barbara: We all get a little nervous when we walk out the door. How do you handle it?

Jennifer: I avoid things that are too stressful. Teenagers are avoided at all cost. The bathroom question is another thing that is avoided. I look for gas stations with one restroom. It is illegal for us to use the women's restroom in VA. I'm not that good at passing.

Barbara: Do you have an outing that stands out better then the rest?

Jennifer: My 30th birthday trip was pretty memorable. My good friend, Tiffany Michelle and I went to Washington DC for the weekend. It was the same weekend that Promise Keepers were in town. We ended up sharing a bed that was way out in Manasass and paying through the nose for that. Neither of us were to thrilled about sharing the bed! We did a shopping trip to Potomac Mills (endrab). Despite our attire, Tiffany decided to try on a dress. She picked it up and went to the dressing room but it was locked. A young female clerk came and asked if she could be of assistance. Tiff asked to try it on and the girl blurted, "you want to TRY THAT ON!" Tiff could have died. She turned about 3 shades of red. I was about to fall out. The worst thing was that the dress didn't even fit. While at Potomac Mills, I got the courage to get my ears pierced. That was pretty cool. After finishing shopping, we invited fellow Glamour Girl, Sheri over to the hotel. It was the first time that we had met Sheri and she was a super person. Tiff and I then got dressed and went to the TGEA meeting. We were real late for that because I was running on Jennifer time. We met some nice folks there too. After the meeting, we decided to go to a tg friendly bar in DC. We were lost for an hour and a half. We even asked a policeman for directions. He wasn't tg friendly at all and was no help. The two of us continued on and visited some of the worst areas in Washington DC. One of those bad places was the U.S. Capitol. I had to take a picture there. The White House is for the next trip. Just before giving up hope and going back to the hotel, we found the bar. We met another DC local, Dana. She was also real nice. Dana was really sweet for not giving us a hard time for being so late. While at the bar, Tiffany kept getting hit on. That made me so jealous. She mollified me by attempting to explain the concept of dancing. I just didn't get that one. We left the bar about 1:30 because Tiffany wore very high heels and "her feet hurt." We shared a totally uneventful evening together at the hotel(we were both thankful). She did complain about me nudging her in the middle of the night and then telling her to let the dogs out. I don't recall that conversation. The next day we saw a delightful tg related film, "Different for Girls" and then we drove back to Norfolk. The trip was great fun and we plan to do another getaway soon.

Barbara: For the new sisters out there is there any advice you can give them?

Jennifer: You should be bold. You can probably pull off more than you think. However, always be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions.

Barbara:Do you know of any events that are coming up in your area?

Jennifer: Norfolk is out of the tg loop.

Barbara: Is there anything that you would like to add?

Jennifer: About 2 inches to my hips and one cup size. Take care

Barbara: Thanks for being my guest.

Barbara <redacted> is a reporter for the Glamour Girls. If you are a member and would like to setup an interview contact her.