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by Barbara <redacted>

Barbara: Welcome Alexandra!

Alexandra: Hi Barbara! Thanks for the opportunity to tell you a little more about myself.

Barbara: Do you remember your first time out?

Alexandra: Absolutely!!! It was January 4, 1997. But my first night out makes more sense when put into context with my entire "coming out" story. (Feel free to edit the following story as needed, according to your space requirements):

I was just about to turn 45 when I discovered my hidden desire to crossdress. One night in December of 1996 my wife of 21 years came to bed with a very sexy teddy, garter belt, and stockings. I commented on how great she looked, to which she replied "If you think I look so great why don't you try it on?" My macho, male self immediately replied NO WAY! She persisted for a minute or so, but I was unable to allow myself to even consider the thought of wearing her lingerie that night. After we made love, I pondered why she would ask me to wear her most intimate apparel, and why I was unable to comply. I figured she would not have asked if she did not want to see me in such things, so I made a mental note to surprise her when she came to bed the next night.

I went upstairs a few minutes early the next night so I could find just the right lingerie, garter, and stockings and still have time to put them all on as she got the two children to bed. All men who like to wear women's clothes know what I experienced next. As I slid on the first stocking, I experienced a rush of ecstasy that both surprised and overwhelmed me. I was immediately sexually aroused, but the feeling went much, much deeper than mere sexual arousal. My wife came into the room while I was still dressing, and commented "My, my, it looks like you are having fun!" To which I replied "You cannot know how much fun I am having." The mixture of feelings included joy, excitement, sexual arousal, confusion, fear, and ecstasy, all at the same time. This high was better than anything I had ever experienced with either drugs or alcohol. My wife commented on how great my legs looked in hose and we had a good time making love while I wore her lingerie. As I fell asleep, I pondered the events and feelings of the evening. How could a macho guy like myself possibly enjoy wearing women's stockings? Little did I know Pandora's Box had been opened.

The next night I decided to test the feelings again, but this time with a pair of crotchless panty hose. And as you might guess, the result was the same. My wife was as surprised with the repeat performance as I was, so we again made passionate love and went to sleep.

Being a person who always likes to be in control (what an illusion that is) I decided the next night not to allow any more excursions into the realm of crossdressing. I thought the past two nights would be just a casual diversion into the kinky and let it go at that.

A week or so later I was having lunch at home, and was channel surfing the television while eating. Rikki Lake was talking about "Men With Secret Lives" and guess what that secret was? You guessed it, crossdressing. She showed three men with very normal jobs and then had them come onstage crossdressed. I immediately recognized the feelings from the bedroom and said to myself "I want to do that!"

I began to search on the internet that very night. As you might imagine, there were lots, and lots of links. What I was pleased to find was a very active transgender society right here in Denver. I found out about the Gender Identity Center (GIC) and went to a meeting that same Friday night. Of course, I went as a man, as I did not even know where to start. The "girls" there were very helpful and supportive as they listened to my story. They suggested I go to a local boutique that performs a lot of "transformations" to learn more, and begin my collection of apparel.

When I first went to this "gender boutique" I was quite nervous. I had decided not to reveal my true identity, and be vague about where I lived. Within a matter of minutes, the two owners made me feel so comfortable and at ease, that I not only told them my real name, I actually gave them one of my business cards. They were very informative, and within an hour I was the proud owner of a corset, waist cincher, breast forms, and a beautiful, yet conservative blonde wig in a "pageboy" style. They also gave me guidance on where to shop for dresses, shoes, and other "regular" items I could easily purchase at other stores who were "T" friendly. I also made an appointment for a complete makeover and photo shoot for the first Friday after the new year. I chose Friday, because it coincided with the next GIC meeting I would be able to attend. This time I was going as Alexandra. How exciting!

The two week holiday break between my first GIC meeting and my first makeover were probably the longest two weeks of my life. My wife and I spent most of the holiday season with our parents who live out of state. Needless to say, the topic of crossdressing never came up during casual holiday conversation.

When we got back to Denver for the new year, I had time to go shopping for the rest of my "coming out" evening attire. My wife was quite supportive and we went to Gantos at Cherry Creek Mall. There my wife tried on several dresses for me until we found one we both liked. Fortunately, my wife and I are almost the same size. If the dress is just a little big on her, it will fit me just right. (One of the joys of being relatively small for a man.) My shoe size is a woman's size 9W, so finding a conservative 2" heel pump was easy too.

When I showed up for my makeover on January 4, 1997, I was beginning to understand how my life would never be the same again. I was so excited I could hardly sit still for the makeover. After my makeup was finished I got to look in the mirror. I must admit, when I saw my makeup without the wig, I was a bit shocked. I did not really know what to think, but I still liked what I saw. After the wig was on and styled, and I had on the new red and black dress, garters, hose, heels, purse, etc. I had a chance to see Alexandra in the mirror for the first time. OH MY GOD!!!!! I was truly in love! I must have stood in front of the mirror for several minutes admiring "her" from all sides. They finally coaxed me away from the mirror to pose for my photo shoot. Needless to say, I had NO clue how to pose as a woman. Here again, the boutique staff and the photographer were helpful to the extreme. The rest of the shoot went marvelously, and I still had time to get to the GIC meeting for my debut.

When I showed up as Alexandra, after going two weeks earlier as my male self, the girls did not make the connection at first. When I refreshed their memories of our past meeting, they were all quite surprised at my appearance for my first night out, and wanted to hear all about my makeover, photo shoot, shopping experiences, etc. The meeting was an absolute ball! We all went out to a cafe for a bite to eat, and then on to a local bar for a drag show. FUN, FUN, FUN! I was definitely hooked. Alexandra was going to be quite a party girl! It is hard to believe that I missed out on all those years of this much fun.

Barbara: From your lovely photos you must spend alot of time preparing. How long does it usually take you? Do you have any beauty secrets that you would like to share with us? Your black and white photos are stunning, tell us about them.

Alexandra: I like to have at least 2 hours to get ready. If I am setting my own schedule, and want to relax while transforming, I start about 3 hours in advance. In an absolute mad rush, I can do it in 1 hour, but feel really stressed, and don't like the "look" when finished. My only beauty secret would be to spend as much time as necessary to get the eyes and lips "just right". I can spend an hour on just my eyes. Since the eyes are the first thing people notice, I want them to be intrigued. Once they are fascinated by the eyes, I want them to notice the lips next. The shape of the lips, as defined by the lip liner, must be absolutely symmetrical and perfect. I also wear custom, sculpted acrylic nails. They really give that "GG" finish to the hands.

The black and white photos were part of a professional photo shoot, done here in Denver by a "Ladies Only" studio. The woman who owns the studio has had some really bad experiences with TGs in the past, so agreed to do that shoot very reluctantly. Once she saw that I was not interested in doing any sort of "kinky" or "perverted" poses, she loosened up, and the photo shoot went marvelously. We now work with that studio regularly as part of our new transformation service, Aesthetic Illusions.

Barbara: How is your transformation business doing?

Alexandra: It is doing just fine. Like most new businesses, it is starting out slowly, but we have had several clients now, and they have ALL been quite pleased. It is such a pleasure helping people develop their feminine side, and follow their dreams.

Barbara: Your maid photos are really nice is there a story behind them?

Alexandra: Those photos were taken at the Texas T Party in March. I was asked to be a model for the fashion show, by Chris and Rick from Studio Lites. When I arrived at their booth that morning, they asked me to pick out something I would like to wear. It seems that I was a little slow getting around that morning, because everything I picked, was already being modeled by someone else. I asked them if they had anything in particular that they wanted to show, but no one had yet picked. It only took Rick a few seconds to find the French Maid outfit, and as he handed it to me, he said "You're going to look 'absolutely fabulous' in that!" I had never considered that outfit, as I am not really into that particular fetish, but thought, "what the heck, it will be fun!" As you can imagine, the reception I got from the other girls at the convention was a bit overwhelming. Keep in mind, at that point, I had been crossdressing only two months. I spent some time being coached on how to 'curtsy' like a maid, and walk in the 5 inch heels (which were a full size too big for me). I had a great time, and fortunately did not fall on the slippery stage while modeling the outfit in front of over 200 convention attendees. The photos you see were taken at the end of the modeling session, and the poses were coached by a very nice GG, who was the SO of one of the other models. I get lots of comments on that outfit. (and I must add, my wife absolutely HATES those photos)

Barbara: We all get a little nervous when we walk out the door, how do you handle it?

Alexandra: I actually don't get nervous, I get excited. I enjoy dressing as Alexandra so much, I begin to look forward to walking out the door, the moment I begin my transformation. For me, a large part of the excitement of CDing is being out in the public eye. I consider myself an ambassador for our community, and look forward to answering questions from the "straight" world. As Michelle <redacted> can attest, Alexandra is a bit of an extrovert, so I never miss an opportunity to make eye contact with a stranger, and engage them in conversation.

Barbara: Do you have an outing that stands out? Is there one you want to forget?

Alexandra: I really don't have any one particular outing that comes to mind. I have fun every time I go out. I recently attended the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta. That entire trip, along with the one to Dallas for the Texas T Party in March, stand out as such an endless stream of fun, that it would be impossible to pick any single outing as "the best". I have never had a significant negative experience as Alexandra.

Barbara: For the new sisters out there is there any advice you would like to give them?

Alexandra: Just know that the expression of your feminine side will make you a better person in all aspects of your life. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, or feel guilty about. As visitors to my website,, already know, I am a very spiritual person. When we are expressing the entirety of who we really are, we are being more of the person that our Creator intended us to be. Feeling guilt or remorse about wanting to express that wholeness, is no more in line with the natural flow of things, than would be a flower that feels guilty about opening in the morning sun...

Barbara: Is there anything you would like to add?

Alexandra: Have fun, be joyous, and enjoy being the person you are intended to be! I love the opportunity to be, and express, as Alexandra. Thank you for the opportunity to share just a little part of who I am.

Barbara <redacted> is a reporter for the Glamour Girls. If you are a member and would like to setup an interview contact her.