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Interviews With The Glamour Girls

by Barbara <redacted>

Barbara: Welcome Michelle!

Michelle: Barbara, let me first say thanks for asking me to do this interview with you. When you came up with this idea I thought it was absolutely marvelous but I really didn't think that I would actually be doing an interview with you. There's so much about me on my page I just assumed there wasn't much else to tell. One would think that I was starving for attention by all the information that's available. So ask me whatever you like, and I'll do my best to give you the unabridged version.

Barbara: Michelle, tell us why you formed Glamour Girls. What would you like to see in its future?

Michelle: I guess it's no secret why the Glamour Girls was formed. I think you might remember The Vanity Club Web Site that I designed and developed with Rachel. I was looking to put together a page of beautifully vain girls but it seemed the ones that had the most influence at the time wanted to keep it more of just a social club. There were complaints about paying for membership entry, some didn't like the domain name I had chosen (, and others ... well you know the story. Rachel did a wonderful job setting it up and worked real hard not to make anyone upset or feel bad about anything. She was extremely accomodating and one of the nicest girls you'll ever meet. The Vanity Club still has some wonderful members in it. There are always those few that make things very difficult for the rest to have fun.

I guess it was a little disollusioning that the people you work the hardest to please are never happy. So one of the girls decided that she could manage the site better and cheaper than I could so she decided to take it on. I stepped down without any issue when I was asked; although they still wanted me to stay a member but I didn't think my heart was in the orginization anymore. But that had no baring on the friends I had made and the wonderful people I had met through the club. I stay in contact with many of them, and some are now members of The Glamour Girls.

So after about 2 months of thinking about a concept of a club that was dedicated to those of us who enjoy the glitz and the glamour. The club isn't about a beauty contest, nor is it about ego, or passing as a female or anything of that nature. The Charter of the Glamour Girls is to raise the standard of TG portrait photography, Extreme Attitude, and a fun loving nature. The politics is avoided because I'm essentially the owner, publisher, directer, CEO, CFO, CIO. I'm a committee of one which allows me to make decisions quickly. I solicit input from the others but after all the opionions have been logged then the ultimate decision lies with me. But on the flip side I'm also the customer service department in that I try to fulfill all the girls' requests on a timely bases. So I work real hard to do what's right for the group as a whole.

The other thing I did was I raised the dues from what the Vanity Club was ($12) to $25. The reason for this was not because I wanted to make more money. I think anyone that knows me knows that with all the time I spend at this and the internet cost that I really don't even break even. The reason for the increase in the dues was because I wanted to establish a "value" to the club. People will think twice before joining. So why would I want to discriminate against those that don't want to pay the $25 and limit the membership if I'm not in it for the money? The reason is that I found when I allowed free contact ads that people would essentially "play" with the on-line forms - subscribe, unsubscribe, subscribe, unsubscribe. I spent so much time adding people and removing them after a week or two that I spent most of my time just editing HTML and not really providing a service. I wanted the people to join to really want to join. I have skin in the game, and I wanted them to have a little skin too.

We don't accept everyone, so it's a privelage to even get accepted. Joining requires them to step up and say that they really want to be a member by sending in their dues. I think it makes a difference. All the girls here I think are proud to be associated with other beautiful TGs that are equally committed to the orginzation. Everyone is truely wonderful.

Barbara: I understand that you have a transformation business, you mean sisters can come in and meet you? Tell us about it.

Michelle: This really sounds like I set you up to ask me these questions :). I promise everyone, that Barbara came up with these on her own.

First let me start with a little History. Miss Victoria's Feminine Illusions was founded in January 15, 1997. Before that it was called Miss Victoria's. I had been advertising for Miss Victoria with out her knowledge for about 4 months. One of the girls sent her name and phone number to me and told me how great and wonderful she was. So I listed her as a contact in Dallas. I began to get a lot of email thanking me for suggesting Miss Victoria's. I realized that by the very nature of her being on my page that I was essentially endorsing her service. So I decided to visit her "anonymously". So I scheduled an appointment.

The session went very well. I had a wonderful time, and I thought Victoria was truely terrific. In our conversation she mentioned that someone on the internet had been advertising for her and she didn't know who it was. At the end of the session I asked her if she had heard the name "Michelle <redacted>" and she said that that was the person that was advertising for her. I told her that that person was me and that I thought I had ought to find out what she was doing so well, since everyone was raving about the service.

I thanked her for the session and that was it. A few months later I wanted some photos done and so I called her and asked her if she would take them for me. She agreed to take my pictures and we had a wonderful session again. I told her to call me if I could help her with anything and that I thought she was doing a wonderful service for everyone.

A few weeks later I get a call from her to become an associate in her business. I was thrilled. Of course there was the issue of talking to my wife about the opportunity. My wife over a couple of weeks agreed to let me persue the opportunity and here I am.

Can people really come and meet me? I have to smile at that question. I meet people at functions and around town and I get reactions that are usually only given to celebrities. I like to think of myself as very accessable and down to earth. Okay, maybe I'm a little kooky but I'll never admit it. Seriously, I love to meet people. About the same time as when Miss Victoria had asked me to join her was the same time I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to spend quality time with every pen-pal I had on the internet. It would be physically impossible. Last Hit count at my front page door was over 700,000. That doesn't include all the people that bypass that page.

So, again it's about time and value. Those that really needed my help could visit Miss Victoria's and get my personal attention. Those that just needed guidance or some information on occasion could still visit my website for free. The web site Michelle's Mid Day Break is designed to be a source of fun and information. If someone needs some personal attention then that's what Miss Victoria's Feminine Illusions is for. It really think it's the perfect combination.

But to answer the question. Yes, people get to meet me. I just hope that it's not a let down. I get the feeling sometimes that people have built up an image of me that I could never live up to. I try to tell people that I'm just like them. I'm just maybe a little more extreme than some and yet not others. People after they get to know me, figure out real quick that I'm just an average girl that works real hard to get attention.

Barbara: Do you have an outing that you would like to share with us?

Michelle: I guess all of my outings I seem to have quirky experiences but everything seems to work out. I go out a lot and have many stories but I'll never forget going into a McDonalds in Washington D.C. about 1:00 a.m. with another TG friend of mine. We had been dancing all night, we had been hit on by guys and girls and we were just a mess. Our mascara was running, our hair was wild and we just looked like hell. But we were two very hungry girls and McDonalds was the only food establishment open in the area.

We walked in and of course everyone turned and begin to point, stare and snicker. I just smiled and and stared back. When we got up to the counter the teenage girl working couldn't contain her self and began asking questions. The first question was. "We're you two just at a costume party?" We both answered "No" in unisen. Then she asked "Are you performers?" Again, "No". After a couple of more questions all resulting in the negative she asked us if we were cops. This time we looked at each other inquisitively and then in unisen said "No". She asked us why we were dressed up like girls after she had exhausted all the excuses she could come up with. We told her that we liked being and feeling feminine. She wouldn't accept that as an answer and began calling us Cagney and Lacey (after the television series). We eventually got our food and we sat down to eat it. Then after it slowed down several of the staff came over sat down next to us and started to ask further questions. They were trying to prove that we were cops. We spent about 45 min. at McDonalds (and that's a long time at McDonalds trust me) trying to convince her and her friends that we were just a couple of guys that wanted to be girls.

We never convinced them but it was fun trying. And of course we enjoyed the attention. Everyone was very friendly and even offered us free food. But after all you always pay for the food you eat at McDonalds one way or another.

Barbara: Have you met many of your Glamour Girl sisters?

Michelle: I have met about a dozen of the Girls in the club at different events and through other friends. All have been everything I expected. Just really super people.

Barbara: If you can go anywhere enfemme, where would it be?

Michelle: Gosh, that's a tough one. I've pretty much have been everywhere en femme. Including a trip on an airplane en femme. Hmm.. (long pause).. I think that I would like to go to a ballet en femme that required a formal sequin gown and a nice looking escort to take me. I think that would be super. I've been to the theatre but it was more casual. I would like to really dress up glitzy and glam.

Barbara: Can you share a make over tip with us?

Michelle: Sure, first let me say that all my tips are on my site just visit the vanity from my boudoir. I will say this. You cannot use too much powder. Forget diamonds, powder is a girls best friend. Apply a good foundation and then "pound your face" (that's a drag phrase that's used) with powder. A well applied foundation will make everything else flow and keep everything on longer.

Barbara: What do you look for in a Glamour Girl applicant?

Michelle: I think I already answered this question but bottom line ... A good quality photo that portrays a very feminine image. (well styled hair, well applied makeup, and a photo that has attitude).

Barbara: Is there anything you would like to add?

Michelle: I just want to thank everyone for making this possible. Although I work very hard on the web sites, I wouldn't even be here doing it if it weren't for all the wonderful support I get from countless other people.

Barbara: Thanks for being my guest

Michelle: Pleasure is all mine

Barbara <redacted> is a reporter for the Glamour Girls. If you are a member and would like to setup an interview contact her.