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Chance Meeting

An Admirer's Fantasy with Michelle

It is Friday night, and I head out to the local tavern for a few beers. The music is just right, Some nice R & B. First we hear some Al Green, then maybe some Johnny Lee Hooker. As I am humming the lyrics in my mind, My eye catches hold of a beautiful looking women to my right. At this time, I notice her returning my glance. We both kind of smile, and make our way towards each other. After the usual retarded introductions that occur to two strangers in a bar, I notice a masculine touch to this person. I become a little more interested, and we begin to converse. All the while, I continue to look her over, searching for some sign. I often glance at her crotch, hoping to notice a slight bulge. She notices roaming eyes, but does not show offense, she actually encourages me.

As we move to find a couple of chairs, I motion to follow her. She walks by me, she smells wonderful, and by now I am really sensing some form of masculinity. When we sit down, I decide that I am determined to confirm my feelings. I beat around the bush for a while, explaining my openness to alternative life styles, and how I am very open. She smiles, but continues not to give in. After a couple of hours of talking, it is time to go home. She is walking home, and I volunteer to walk her. She accepts. As we stroll through the warm spring night in Boston, we are holding hands and exchanging kisses.

When we arrive at her apartment, she invites me in. After a detailed tour of her small studio, we had a drink, and began to get a little more friendly. She seemed infatuated with my crotch, but would not let me touch hers. After she got my pants half off, I stopped her. I said no further until I can touch her. I was dying to find out what she had. We talked some more about alternative life styles, before she let me touch her. But believe me you, I was more excited then her when she finally released her entrapped penis.

How can you just stop typing right there! Aah!

The End