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Beach Apartment

By Anonymous

"Are you really inviting me to share your apartment at the beach with both of you for a week, for free?" I asked incredulously, amazed at my good fortune.

Lisa and Nancy smiled at each other. For two sisters who had ordinary jobs and are not models, I don't think there could be two more gorgeous women. Lisa is a secretary, about 28, with long wavy, blonde hair, a beautiful face, and a body that she likes to show off and tease the guys with. Her sister Nancy is the telephone switchboard operator, about 23, with shoulder length blonde hair, skinny and not as well-endowed as her older sister, but really cute and a very colorful dresser. These girls know how to make themselves look good, and in particular they are not shy about experimenting with makeup. I remember the time Lisa wore bright blue mascara. Nancy uses too much blush, and even I know that she shouldn't outline her pretty red lips so distinctly.

The sisters are the epitome of that song "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." I would overhear them talk about their long list of boyfriends. They certainly don't lack for dates. And every summer they rent an apartment for a week at the beach, and I could only imagine the steady line of guys going in and out of their place.

"Well, Dick," Lisa leaned over to explain. She did this in such a way to give me the tiniest hint of a lacy bra beneath those three open buttons of her blouse. "Nancy and I have this place for a week at the beach, and we do lead kind of an active social life when we are there. We really don't have time to shop, do laundry, clean up, and so on. If you would promise to do these things for us, you could stay and we wouldn't charge you rent. You know, be our little ... maid?"

Lisa smiled at me so sweetly that I thought my pants would burst, she had such an effect on me. This didn't sound so bad. A little housework and such, and I would have the rest of the time to myself at the beach. And having Lisa and Nancy around in their swimsuits - I had no doubt that they only wore the most outrageous, revealing suits. "It's a deal," I said.

Saturday finally came, and we loaded our stuff in Lisa's sports car. I only had one suitcase, but for some reason they each had three or four. Oh well, I'm sure it can't be easy to look as great as they look. And off we drove, with Lisa behind the wheel. A couple of hours later, we were there at the sisters' apartment.

"Be a dear and bring our bags in, will you?" Nancy asked me with a smile. Always the gentleman, I eagerly complied. When I was done I was ready to hit the beach, but the sisters had other plans for me. They had me wipe down the cabinets and the drawers, put their clothes away, and start the barbecue up. I started to protest about all these chores, but they reminded me of my deal. "Remember, you are our little maid, right Dick?" Lisa asked with a satisfied smirk. "Yes, I guess I am," I replied weakly.

At this point I remembered that I had not put my own clothes away, but I could not seem to find my suitcase. I knew I had brought it in from the car, but where was it? "Oh, don't worry about it, it will turn up," Nancy told me helpfully.

Meanwhile Lisa decided it was time to change into swimsuits. She opened her drawer and pulled out a tiny yellow bikini. Then she started stripping, right in front of me. This is a woman who is confident of her body and of her sexuality. I could not help but stare at her perfect breasts and her trim blonde pussy hair. A natural blonde, I thought to myself.

"Oh Dick," she cooed to me innocently, fully aware of the effect her naked body was having on me. "I think one of your jobs should be helping Nancy and me on with our swimsuits." She playfully tossed her bikini top to me. "Would you, pretty please?"

I could feel my cheeks reddening with embarrassment, but how could I refuse? I reached around Lisa and gently placed her soft, full breasts in the cups of the bikini top. I could not help but moan at the thought and touch of this. I could hear them giggle quietly, as I closed the bra clasp behind her back. "And now the bottom?" Lisa said in almost an imperceptibly demanding tone.

I stretched the leg holes of her bikini bottom for her, and she put one hand on my shoulder for balance as she wiggled into her suit. I was disappointed to see that curly blonde pussy hair disappear.

Then it was Nancy's turn. She opened her drawer, pulled out a pink and black striped bikini, and tossed it to me so I could help her on with it. She stripped down, displaying small but wonderfully firm breasts, and also a tiny tuft of blonde pussy hair. I carefully helped her put her bikini on, trying to get her suit on without openly fondling her beautiful body.

At this point Nancy boldly touched my cock through my pants, and she pointed out how aroused I seemed to be.

Nancy continued holding my cock and looked me straight in the eye. "You saw all there is to both of us, Dick, I think it's time we get to see what's under those pants." And with that she slowly but deliberately unhooked my belt, unzipped my pants, and let them ease down my legs. She let go of my cock to let the pants fall to the ground, and then she ever so slowly pulled my shorts down too.

"Not a bad looking cock," Lisa announced. "Although it is a little on the short side, isn't it? Now take off the rest of your clothes, and let's find you a swimsuit," Lisa commanded.

I removed my shirt, shoes and socks, and stood before the sisters naked, my proud cock paying homage to their beauty. But as I looked around, my suitcase was note there. "Uh, girls, where is my suitcase?" I asked.

The reply was swift. SLAP. Right across my face, Lisa slapped me hard. "Girls? Is that what you called us? You will address us as Mistress, little Dickie. You better understand this: We own you for a week. You have no clothes, no money, and no transportation, except what we choose to give you. Nancy, would you please find a suit for our little maid?"

And to my surprise, Nancy came back with a two piece women's black bathing suit. "Go ahead, dear, put it on," she told me.

"I can't wear a women's bathing suit," I replied. No sooner had I said that, and the two sisters were all over me, wrestling me to the ground. In short order, Lisa was sitting on my chest while Nancy had grabbed both my arms and was pulling them over my head. Lisa then slapped me in the face repeatedly, alternating my left and right cheeks.

Lisa finally took a breather from slapping me. "You have two choices," she told me. "You can put on this bathing suit and do everything else we tell you to do, without complaint. Or you can leave this apartment right now, with no clothes, no nothing but your little hard-on, and see if you like that better. Choose, Sissy!"

It was no choice. "I'll wear the bathing suit," I said in a tiny voice.

Lisa and Nancy smiled at each other in triumph, as they let me up. They put the black bra on me, tweaking my nipples as they worked. Of course the cups were empty, but the bra was so tight around my chest it didn't much matter. Then they helped me step into the tiny bikini panties. They were also too small for me, especially with my hard-on. But they stretched and stretched, until there I was, a guy in a two piece women's swimsuit.

The sisters laughed hysterically at my pathetic sight. "Oh, doesn't he look cute?" they teased me.

Then they gave me a pair of sandals with heels, and told me to go out and check the barbecue. "Dressed like this?" I squeaked.

"Do it, right now, little sissy, or we'll grill your ass on that barbecue," Lisa shouted with a tone that suggested she meant it. So I went outside, dressed in a woman's swimsuit and woman's sandals, but otherwise looking like a guy in women's clothing. I checked the barbecue, and it seemed ready. "Then cook us some burgers, Sweetie," Lisa commanded.

And I did. And as I stood there flipping the burgers, many people passed, both men and women, and laughed at me and the way I was dressed.

When the burgers were done, I served them to my mistresses like a good maid, got their drinks, and ate my own lunch in silence. Meanwhile they chatted on, ignoring my presence, about spending the afternoon on the beach looking to pick up some guys.

"What shall we do with our sissy maid?" Lisa asked Nancy.

Nancy thought for a moment, and then said, "I have a brilliant idea. Remember you threatened we'd grill his ass on that barbecue? I know a way we can do it." And then they whispered to each other and giggled with a mischievous look in their eyes.

The sisters got a lounge chair and made me lay on it on my stomach. Then they tied me to it, arms, legs and ankles, so there was no way I could get loose. Then they left me in the sun to sunbathe while they went to the beach. "You'll have the cutest bikini tan line when we return," Nancy told me sweetly.

Sure enough, they let me cook in the sun for a couple of hours. I must have fallen asleep. I don't know how long I was there, but eventually they came back to check on me. They untied me, turned me over so I was lying on my back, and retied me to the lounge chair. "Imagine how cute his chest will look," Lisa teased me, as they left me again. "Enjoy yourself soaking up the sun," she told me.

Another couple of hours or so, and the sisters had had enough of the beach for one day. "Wake up, sissy maid, you have work to do," Nancy said. They untied me, and we all went inside. Then they made me take off my bikini so they could admire my tan lines. "Oh, doesn't he look so precious?" Lisa squealed with sarcasm.

Nancy said, "Sissy, we need showers after our day at the beach. Be a dear and run the water for me. Not too hot." This seemed reasonable, so I did this, still naked. "Now you may help me off with my swimsuit," she commanded. Nancy faced me and put her breasts up to my chest, as she made me reach around her to unfasten her bra clasp. My cock pressed against her, and she smiled knowingly. I helped her out of her bikini bottom. Then I did the same for Lisa.

I was about to pick up their suits from the floor, as I figured they would want me to do, when Nancy stopped me. "That can wait, Sissy. I think I'll have my shower now. Sissy? Sissy?" I had no idea what she wanted. "Well, come on. I want you to wash me."

The sisters continued to find new ways to frustrate and humiliate me. Now I was supposed to bathe their beautiful bodies? But obviously I was not going to have them sexually.

Nancy and I stepped into the shower together. I took a wash cloth and soaped it up, and then I gently washed her all over. ALL over. She held my hand with the wash cloth as I soaped her breasts, telling me to take my time and do them very slowly. She also told me to do her crotch slowly and thoroughly, first with the wash cloth and then without it, and she pushed my soapy fingers inside her and told me to keep washing her. She started to moan softly, and I didn't stop until she told me to. Well, she certainly was clean when I was finished!

She told me to dry her off with a large towel, and then to dust her body with some scented powder. I powdered her with a powder puff on her breasts, her stomach, and her crotch. I was so unbelievably turned on by my intimate attention to her body, and she knew it, but she didn't mention anything about doing anything for me, so I knew it was not to be.

Nancy decided that she would blow dry her hair without my help, so that I could bathe Lisa the same way. She explained to Lisa how I had bathed her, and suggested to Lisa that she might like the same thing. So I repeated the process with Lisa, fingering her to a nice soapy orgasm, and then drying and powdering her too.

Then Lisa and Nancy decided I should help them dress. They made me look over the clothes and asked me which outfits I thought might help them pick up some guys. I blushed at the thought of this, since they were really thinking of me more as their maid than as a guy standing before them still naked and hard.

We agreed upon some brightly colored, snug, low cut tops that showed off the tops of their breasts and their cleavage, some tight jeans shorts that showed off their delightful behinds, and high heeled sandals. I helped each of them into their clothes, like a good maid should.

I had a few questions about their outfits. "No stockings?" They explained that it was so hot that nobody wears stockings in a beach town. They each wore panties of course, but no bras. "No bras?" Lisa looked down at her tight top. "I think they look pretty perky, don't you?" I certainly thought so too!

Then they made me watch them closely as they did each other's makeup. They explained each step to me in detail. They did each other up in pink blush, lots of black mascara, a little dark eye liner, and lots of glossy red lipstick. They looked terrific, and I wished I was the guy who was going to be kissing their sexy moist lips.

They grabbed their purses and were about to leave.

"I hope you were paying attention, Sissy," Lisa said. "Because while we're out tonight, I want you to do a few things. First, I want you to shave your whole body - everything below the eyebrows. Do the best you can, and we'll help you tomorrow with anything you can't reach. Second, I left you some clothes in the bedroom. After you finish shaving, put them on. And third, I want you to experiment with our makeup. When it comes to makeup, what's ours is yours. You can choose whatever shades you like, but when we come home I want you wearing blush, mascara, eye liner and lipstick. Do the best you can, I know it won't be perfect. But I want you to look nice. Because we will probably be bringing home some company. Make yourself a sandwich, and we'll see you later. Bye bye." And with that, they left me in the apartment alone.

My mouth was wide open as I heard this. They couldn't mean it, could they? How utterly humiliating! But I had no clothes of my own at all - they must have hid them on me - so what was I going to do? Exactly as I was told.

I found a ladies razor and some shaving cream, and started working. I shaved my chest, my arms, and my underarms. Wow, did that sting! I could not reach my back, so they would have to do that. I shaved my legs, which was harder than I thought, and cut myself a few times. I couldn't really see to do my ass. And I wasn't sure if they really meant for me to do my pubic hair, so I left that.

I looked in the mirror at my shaved body, and I was amazed. Is that really me? Shaving off that hair made a big difference.

I looked at the clothes they had left for me. A frilly pink padded bra and panty set. I felt ridiculous wearing the bra. The padding gave me a shape I never had, and I had to touch them to check that they weren't real. The panties did feel wonderful against my cock. I slid the beige pantyhose up my smooth legs, and they also felt wonderful. This wasn't going to be bad at all. They had left me a feminine T-shirt, a silky slip, a short denim skirt, and some low heel shoes. I put these things, and I did feel deliciously wicked. I had a sandwich, enjoying the freedom my legs had in a skirt.

Now I was supposed to play with their makeup. I saw some liquid makeup, and although the sisters hadn't used any on themselves, they probably didn't need any. I smoothed this on my face and tried to spread it out all over. Hmm, not too bad. I should have paid more attention to the mascara and eye liner, because I just could not get either one to come out very even looking. I found a couple of shades of blush. Some of them looked so light as to be nothing, so I picked one of the darker shades. I stroked some on my cheeks, and that certainly made a difference, although I obviously put on too much and I didn't know how to get some off. Oh well. The sisters had dozens of lipsticks and also brushes and pencils - how do they ever choose one? They had pinks and reds and browns and combinations and names I had never heard of. I settled on a medium shade in a rose, which looked pretty nice. I applied the color to my lips and felt very sexy.

Then I looked at the finished product in the mirror. The makeup job was obviously amateurish, but did make me look a little feminine. The padded bra under the T-shirt was quite erotic. I thought my legs were kind of nice, but my waist and hips were not feminine at all. And of course my hair was still in my short male hairstyle. So all in all - not too bad. In fact, kind of attractive.

As I continued to gaze at my reflection, I thought, maybe even sort of sexy. In fact, quite sexy. I thought of Lisa and Nancy and how great they had looked, and how they had teased me and turned me on all day. And as my erection grew through the panties and the pantyhose, I figured, hey - why not? After all they put me through, I deserve it.

So I pulled down the pantyhose and the panties a little, grabbed my cock, gazed at my reflection and started stroking away. My mind was a million miles away. No, it was on Lisa and putting her bra on her and feeling her breasts against me, and soaping her breasts and her pussy, and on Nancy and on looking at the reflection of myself with too much blush but kind of sexy lips, and ...

And the front door opened. In walked Lisa and Nancy. How long had they been gone - didn't they just leave? No, the shaving and the makeup had taken longer than I thought and I had lost all track of time. There I was, caught in the act, masturbating to my own slutty image, cock in hand. I was blushing profusely at having been discovered by them. Meanwhile they took one look at my attempt at dressing up and then at my jerking off to the image, and the sisters fell on the floor laughing hysterically.

"Why the little sissy pervert! Doesn't he look so silly? Or shall I say 'she'? Look at that eye makeup. And that blush. We didn't tell you to make yourself up like a prostitute. And look at that disgusting cock in his hand? I think he likes himself looking like this, doesn't he Nancy?"

I had never felt so humiliated. What had I gotten myself into? But they were just so sexy, that I couldn't think straight. I could say nothing in reply to their insults.

"Oh, go ahead and finish what you started, Sissy," Nancy volunteered. "It might be fun to watch him play with himself." And with that, the sisters sat down to relax right next to me, while I faced the mirror. I was desperate to cum, they had turned me on all day. And obviously they weren't going to provide any direct stimulation, so I might just as well. So I resumed jerking off, admiring my own sexy image in the mirror, occasionally looking to see if they were watching me too. I came in a great burst, catching it in my hand.

"Very nice, Sissy," Lisa exclaimed sarcastically. Then her voice turned mean. "Now lick it up, every bit of it. And get used to the taste - it won't be your last." I did as I was told, but I was a little unnerved by her last remark and by their sinister laughter.

I was afraid to ask, but curiosity got the better of me. "Did you say you were bringing company home with you?" The girls smiled at each other. "Well, we certainly had the opportunity," Nancy said. "But we decided not tonight, your first night, Sissy." "Besides," continued Lisa, " they would not have been as entertaining as you."

The sisters had me remove their clothes to get them ready for bed. I had to put them into short nightgowns and I brushed their hair. They made me strip, examined my shaving job and the day's tan lines, and then gave me a short nightgown too. Mine barely covered my ass and cock. They examined my makeup job and told me they would work with me on it tomorrow. But for now, they gave me some makeup remover to take it off.

There was only one bedroom. It had two beds and a mattress on the floor. Obviously the mattress was for me. They gently kissed me good night, and told me I had been an adequate sissy maid for my first day. Then, as I lay down on the mattress, I heard one of the sisters get up to go to the other's bed. I heard the bed creak a little, and then I heard them moan softly. I went to sleep with delicious thoughts in my head.

The sisters woke me up the next morning and told me what they wanted for breakfast. We were all still in our nightgowns, but mine did not hide my erect cock. I cooked and served them breakfast, as they discussed how they would spend their day.

"Sissy, let's see if we can finish up your shaving job," Lisa decided. They made me remove my nighty, and they examined me critically from neck to toe. They made me step into the shower, and they shaved my back for me. Then they made me bend over and spread my ass cheeks so they could shave my ass. How humiliating! Then they told me to re-shave everything I had shaved last night and to take a quick shower. Meanwhile I could hear them plotting something else.

When the shower was done they got some moisturizing lotion and rubbed it all over me. ALL over me. I had never felt anything so erotic! Their hands were so soft as they gently teased my nipples and cock to erection. Then they made me stand perfectly still as they both kneeled in front of me. Could it be? Would this be my moment of bliss?

But obviously they had a different idea than I had. I had imagined their moist lips and tongues on my cock. Their plan was that one of them gently held my erect cock out of harm's way while the other snipped my pubic hair with scissors. I could not see what they were doing, except that the scissoring ended and I felt a razor slowly and carefully around my groin. I dared not move, but they were gentle and were not out to hurt me. Finally Nancy was spraying my pubic area with a can of something. Then they were done and brought me over to a mirror for a look.

My cheeks blushed in shame. They had cut my pubic hair down to a fraction of inch. They had cleverly shaped it into the shape of a heart. And then, worst of all - they had dyed it. It was bright pink! My erect cock looked ridiculous in the middle of my pink pubic hair.

Nancy and Lisa were rolling on the floor in laughter at their handiwork. I thought they would each have an orgasm right there, they were so hysterical. My cheeks were redder than any makeup could have made them.

"Oh Sissy, don't worry. The dye will wash out in a week or so," explained Lisa calmly.

The girls decided they wanted to see me naked for awhile to admire their work. Meanwhile they decided it was time for me to learn to give them pedicures. They sat down in chairs, made me kneel before them, and told me how to pedicure them. They were still in their nightgowns, with no panties, and this gave me a clear view of their pussies. They made believe they were unaware of this.

Lisa wanted hers first, and she told me to start by moistening her toes. "With a washcloth and water?" I asked naively. "No, silly" she replied amused. "Use your lips and tongue."

I gently placed her big toe in my mouth and began to suck it. I ran my tongue all over the toe, including the underside. I found the experience strangely exciting, and so did she. I did not stop until I had sucked all ten of her pretty toes. It was humbling, but great fun.

Lisa told me how to cut and file her toenails, how to push the cuticles in, and finally how to apply nail polish. I blew on her toes to help the polish dry, while sneaking peaks up her nightgown. From time to time they would tease me about my pink pubic hair. Finally I finished with Lisa, and repeated the process with Nancy. When I was done with her, she told me to apply the toenail polish to my own toenails.

I dressed the sisters in their bikinis, again putting their lovely breasts into their bra cups and helping them put their lovely pussies into their bikini bottoms. Then Lisa tossed me a bikini bottom and told me to put it on myself, and that we would all go to the beach.

I put the bottom on. It was feminine and it was tiny, but maybe it would pass as a man's swimsuit. Then the sisters giggled at me and stared at my chest. I didn't get it, until I looked down and saw my tan lines from yesterday. Oh no. I couldn't go to the beach with my chest looking like that. There was only one thing to do. "Uh - may I have the top that goes with this?" I asked hesitantly.

"See, now he is asking to be dressed as a girl," Lisa told Nancy. "He has certainly come a long way!"

They tossed me the top, and reluctantly I put it on. We all walked to the beach together. There were a lot of admiring whistles - and why not, Lisa and Nancy are gorgeous. I didn't realize that some of the whistles were sarcastic, teasing whistles at me. I may have had the two piece bikini and the shaved body with the toenail polish, but my hair and face were still masculine.

We stayed at the beach all day. When the sisters got hungry, they sent me to the food stand all alone to buy lunch. I heard many giggles as people recognized that I was a guy in a bikini.

Finally the sisters had had enough beach for one day. As we walked home I complained that they had dressed me halfway as a girl, but not fully, so obviously people were making fun of me. "Oh, I see," said Lisa helpfully. "So you want to feel more like a woman? We'll have to think about this a little."

When we got home, Lisa and Nancy again made me remove their bikinis, get into the shower with them, and bathe them. Again I had to make sure their breasts and pussies were squeaky clean. They dressed themselves, leaving me to work the barbecue grill, and told me they were going out for a while and would be back in half an hour.

They came back with a large package and with a couple of evil grins. I served them dinner, as they discussed which bars they were going to that night, not once measuring the package. They talked about being hungry for some real cock, obviously ignoring the fact that mine was obviously available for the taking. It occurred to me that a couple of lucky guys did not stand a chance once the sisters set their minds on them.

Lisa and Nancy made me go through their outfits, pick out some that I though they would look hot in, and had me dress them. Tonight was miniskirt night, and with their perfectly tanned legs they looked absolutely gorgeous. Again they did each other's makeup. They made me watch and ask questions. They said that my eye makeup needed the most work last night, so they slowly explained how mascara should be applied, how to pull the eyelid when applying eyeliner, and how a light and dark colored eye shadow work together. They finished each other off with sexy pink blusher and perfectly lined and filled in deep berry red glossy lipstick. I was hard just looking at them, they looked so hot. Then they made me do my own makeup, patiently explaining how to apply each cosmetic, and showing me how blending would soften too harsh a color.

They then dressed me in bra, panties, pantyhose, and this time a dress. High heeled sandals completed my wardrobe. Nancy went into a closet and came out with a medium length auburn wig, which she put on me and me combed me out.

I admired myself in the mirror and thought I looked pretty good. Then an awful thought hit me. Were they taking me bar hopping with them? Oh no - they wouldn't. Would they?

Lisa must have read my mind. "Oh no Sissy, we're not taking you with us. I don't think we'd pick up the best studs with you along." I breathed a sigh of relief, as I wondered what was in store for me this evening. " But ... . Remember you said earlier that you wanted to feel more like a woman? Well, Nancy and I thought about that for a while. And we brought you a little present to help you."

And with that Lisa opened up the package they had gotten. It was a blob of plastic. But they connected it to an air pump, and it started expanding. It got bigger and bigger. Finally it became apparent. It was a blow-up, life-sized, plastic doll. Of a guy!

"Sissy, meet Mr. Studley," Nancy cheerfully introduced. He will be your companion tonight while we're out. Now we want you to take good care of him. GOOD care of him. Do you understand what that means? I shook my head No.

"Now Sissy, how do you think you will ever feel more like a woman - without a cock to play with? Mr. Studley's cock, that is. I am going to connect this wire from the back of Mr. Studley to the COM port of this computer, and I am going to run this program. There. This will measure Mr. Studley's responses." I still didn't get what Nancy was saying.

Lisa then jumped in. "Oh come on, Sissy. Your task for this evening is to suck Mr. Studley off. Three times. The computer will monitor his sensation, and he will eject a little warm milky liquid when you bring him off. When you are done, you may take a break, wipe the lipstick off his cock, and apply fresh lipstick to your own lips. Then do it again until you have done it three times. When we come back we will get a computer report on how good of a cock-sucker you are. And if you haven't sucked him off three times - well, we will tie you down on your stomach, spread your freshly shaven ass cheeks, and let Mr. Studley gets his rocks off in your ass. Think you'd like that any better?"

" So you had better show Mr. Studley a good time, dear," said Nancy.

"Oh, and one more thing," Lisa said. Fix your lipstick AFTER the third blowjob too. We want you looking good tonight when we get home. Who knows - maybe there'll be some company coming home tonight!"

The sisters had outdone themselves humiliating me, hadn't they? A plastic blow-up doll? How could they do this to me? I won't do it. But ... they'd know. And the consequences would be worse. Well, OK, I guess I had better do it.

I sat Mr. Studley upright in a chair. The doll was clothed. I loosened his belt, dropped his pants, and dropped his underpants. And there it was - a plastic cock. I touched it tentatively. Although it was plastic, it did sort of feel like mine. I moved my hand slowly up its length. Was it my imagination, or did it grow slightly? I cupped the balls. I felt the smoothness of the cock-head. It WAS growing! This technology was amazing!

I knelt before it. I felt so ridiculous. I placed the cock-head to my mouth and tentatively gave a little lick. Well, it didn't feel so bad. I boldly licked the underside of the cock. I could definitely feel it getting harder. This was very realistic. Finally I put it in my mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. I was watching the face for a reaction, but Mr. Studley kept a single expression, a slight smile. I sucked and I licked and I sucked. Suddenly I felt a little twitch from the fake cock, and there was some sort of ejaculation in my mouth. It was warm, thick and salty. Was that what it was supposed to taste like? I wondered how good a likeness it was, but I had nothing to compare it to. No, wait - they had made me swallow my own cum last night. I guess he did taste pretty similar.

I withdrew the cock from my mouth, and with great fascination watched it slowly shrink in size.

Now what did the sisters expect me to do? Oh yeah, wipe the lip- stick off his cock. Those red lip prints on it were mine! How embarrassing! I got a wash cloth and wiped him clean. I looked in a mirror at my own lips. My lipstick was a mess - because I had sucked off a rubber doll. They had taken their berry lipstick with them, so I had to search for another shade. I found a nice deep color - Burgundy - and applied it to myself, seeing if Mr. Studley was watching. Of course he wasn't.

I sat down to take a rest. Did he need one too, I wondered? No, that's ridiculous. Well, I might as well get this over with. I started in on Mr. Studley again. This time I didn't hesitate, since I now had some experience in what seemed to work. But it took him a little longer. Did the computer program the doll to take longer? Boy - this is really realistic! Finally the doll twitched again, and emitted a liquid in my mouth. It tasted about the same, but there was definitely less liquid this time. I wiped him off, reapplied my lipstick, and took a little rest before beginning round three.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Studley was not going to make his third time easy. I got him hard in my mouth, but it seemed like he just wasn't going to come. I was sucking and sucking and sucking. I fondled his balls, I played with his nipples, nothing seemed to work. It was getting late, and I started to panic. Those girls came through on every promise they had made to me, so I was willing to assume that they would follow through on this one too. If I didn't get him off a third time, they would use him to fuck my ass.

My jaws ached and I needed a little break, but I didn't want him to get soft on me. I took him out of my mouth, fondling the underside of his penis, while I thought about this. I stroked his smooth ass. I ran my finger over his crack. Hey, why not? I sucked my finger to get it wet, and then slowly inserted in his ass. I started moving it in and out. His cock stirred a little, but I could tell he was not yet close to cumming. What else? I looked at his face. A nice face, I guess. Hmm. What would happen if I ... ? Oh, what the hell. I put my mouth to his. I kissed him. Then I kissed him again, harder. I felt his mouth open. I inserted my tongue, and sure enough his mouth felt wet. And he had a tongue! I played with his tongue for awhile, kissing him good, still pumping a finger in his ass. He was getting harder. I stopped kissing him, and put his cock back in my mouth. I sucked him for all I was worth. Finally he ejaculated. A very small amount of liquid, but he came. Number three. I collapsed on the floor in exhaustion.

And the front door opened! In walked Lisa and Nancy, and two guys. The four of them were laughing hysterically. They had been watching from the window. Oh no! How absolutely, utterly embarrassing. My cheeks burned in shame. I couldn't look at them. I was humiliated.

"Well, guys, this is Sissy we told you about," introduced Lisa. "Yes, she's our maid. And yes, she loves cock."

And then to me, Lisa said, "Sissy, I told you to fix your lipstick. We have guests."