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Hello everyone,
I am Rose Marie Linda Hahn, most of the time. I, along with some very special people started this site, we now call TGGuide, or as some call it the TransGenderGuide.

What you see her now wasn't here 6 months ago. We signed the web site contract Oct 3rd, 1996. Our offical launch date was November 2, 1996. The day of my birth..

What you see here takes time to produce, and it takes people to make it available; people like Heather James and Amanda Smith, both pretty good geekettes. I on the other hand am not a computer geek in any way, as so many can attest to, but I did come up with the money to make this happen.. I guess you would say my responsibily to this site is to keep it running. I am the one that tries to pay the bills, to maintain the server, to recruit, to solicit ads. I guess I do a lot that no one sees..

I now would like to ask for some help from some of you folks. Help with what I do, and help with what Heather and Amanda do.

We have grown very fast, and very big, and I am not sorry for any of that, but I would like to see the GUIDE do what it was intended to do and that is GUIDE.. Yes, the GUIDE is a guide for the community and with some help it will be awesome. What kind of help is needed? I'm not going to dwell on that here, instead I would like to direct you to the Feedback page. On this page we will post a list of the areas we need help in, and what needs to be done. There you can sign up for what you feel you can do. My  Vision page may give you more insight as to the intent of this site as well.

I truly believe that we have created a pretty good nucleus here; now it's time to move on. We need to do more. We need more informative articles to help all those girls that are still in the closet, we need more support groups to come forward and share their resources, we need more business to provide their support and help us to inform the public.

It won't take a lot of effort on anyone's part if we, as a community, climb into the same canoe and paddle down stream. At present we all seem to have our own little canoe, and it appears that we want to paddle upstream against against the current and battle those trying to go with the flow. I pray this effort will help our community by uniteing us for a common goal. That goal; to help those that need it, to provide information to the community quickly and easily.

A few hours a week from some of you, and TGGuide will truly become a one-stop resource on the web. I will gladly provide you with the resources you need to create a page for any city in the USA or Canada. Any person in any town has the same abilities, and if you need help in procuring this information, I should surely provide you with the where-with-all to attain it.

We also need help in contacting businesses. A simple 3-minute local call can provide us with the information we need to list them in the guide. We want to know that they are there, and TG friendly. Pretty simple. We need people to contact the medical profession to assure that they as well will treat our community as needed. And help build another data base..

TGGuide is proud to announce that there are many more projects that are in the works. I must admit I and several have more ideas than time.

There is no limit as to what we can do as a community, and nothing that we do will be a burden on our own lives if we work together for a common goal. The point here is that WE CAN DO IT..

Another way we can help, especially for those of us that are working, would be to take a couple of bucks and send it off to someone in the community that needs it. A few suggestions might be: AEGIS, IFGE, OUTREACH, and TGGuide. (we can always use help with ISP fees and other operating expenses). If anyone would like a list, I would be happy to provide it.

Ladies, and Gents, this site is yours, and unlike others on the net, this one really is yours. Your help is needed, your help will be appreciated.

Our attitude here at TGGuide is to provide help and support. TGGuide will, and does, link to and support other efforts conducted on the web for the advancement of the community. We believe the best way to help the community is via information, and we want to provide that.

Please take the time to go to the feedback page and check out what we need, and volunteer for something, or at the very least, tell us what you would like to see here, and what we can do to make it better? Any and all suggestions will be considered.

Thank you so very much for your very valuable time.

Have a truly wonderful day
May the good lord bless you and yours