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Memorial to the Unknown Transvestite

Posted by Tess on December 27, 1996 at 23:06:27:

I wonder if this is a good idea:

I have so many clothes that I bought and that don't fit me anymore or never fit in the first place or turned out to look different when actually worn. And my closet is getting ready to burst.

Assuming that I am not the only one with such problems I wonder if it would make sense to donate or exchange the stuff.Perhaps we could have a clearing house on the net?

Or perhaps we can have some sort of auction or whatever. I just hate all that pretty stuff not being worn.

If nobody wants it I'll make a huge sculpture dedicated to the unknown transvestite!
Any ideas?

Posted by Rose Marie Linda Hahn on December 27, 1996 at 23:28:48:

Hey Tess, what a wonderful idea. I had been thinking along the same lines..I have 2 possible ideas.. 1st, I met a sister here in Nashville that has a second hand store. My idea was to use her store as sort of a clearing house..The girls would send stuff in, and Jeff could sell it back to other girls..I do not know anything about cost at this time, but I do know, Jeff knows clothes!!

the second idea, maybe you could do a similar thing. sort of be the clearing house??

e-mail me your thoughts, I would love to see this become a reality..


Posted by Tess on December 28, 1996 at 13:27:02:

Dear Rosie, Thanks for picking this up. I am afraid though that I just have a big closet but neither time nor knowledge
to be the clearinghouse.

1. I figure we could arrange for a swap among the users of the TG GUIDE. We could describe what we have and what size. If somebody needs it she could e-mail and it could be sent to her. The guestbook format you have would work well. Money does not even have to be involved. IF so only for postage. Problem is that this only works for those who have the same size. But perhaps all the Size 8 girls can forma club and the size 10 girls and so on.

2. Or your friend Jeff could indeed be the clearinghouse for all the clothes which no longer fits or never did in the first place. Then you could resell it for a small profit on the net. (I keep on wondering how you girls pay for all this!) We may have a problem with underwear though. I am not sure if there are state legislations which prohibit this for health reasons. But I really don't know.

PS- Your sister friend in Nashville has a second hand store which specializes in clothes for sisters? Perhaps I should come by and ...ahhh... I love shopping..:)

Posted by Rose Marie Linda Hahn on December 31, 1996 at 00:22:24:

Hon, thanks for the idea. I shall get together with Heather and see if we can set up something here on the site to allow for trades. I am not sure about the club thing though. I believe we shall just allo for the girls to post there leftovers and off them for sale or trade?

Regarding Jeff here in Nashville, he is doing gowns and stuff. Jewerly, wigs, and other things. He may be able to help us with the expensive things. I believe that there are girls out there that would be willing to give away some of their stuff, or sell off really cheap, and this could be done on the site. The expensive stuff would have to be priced, and Jeff can do that. It would also have to be described in writing, and again, Jeff could do that via e-mail. He has an e-mail address.

I shall look into both ventures.. Look for a new feature on TG Guide real soon.

Thanks again Tess.
Rose Marie

Posted by Tess on January 02, 1997 at 13:45:41:

Great! Let's try that. You may want to post the concept in some promonent spot on your site and see how many would like to actively participate. I'd do this before actually going ahead and doing a lot of work. Then again it may anyway take some time to catch on.

Another 'idea': To put together a container or sorts which would then travel form support group to social group and so on. It is still hard to describe the dresses and the fabric and the touch and feel of the clothes. Girls could then swap or trade clothes then and there on the spot. And I ma sure they'd have a great time just trying them on.

Or we shall do all?
I'd love to see what the other girls think of that.